Eat All You Can Korean BBQ Buffet

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Kkongdon Korean-BBQ Buffet Special @Djitsun Mall
A few days back, we went back to satisfy our Korean BBQ cravings at Djitsun Mall’s Kkongdon Barbeque Restaurant in Singapore. Yummy!

First up, a bit of background information about Kkongdon Barbeque Restaurant. ‘Kkongdon’ means ‘Best Price Value’ in Korean Language, and this restaurant is owned by the JP Pepperdine Group, who also runs the local steakhouse Jack’s Place.

While Korean BBQ Restaurants are getting more popular in our country, Kkongdon has also continued to grow and there are 67 outlets in Korea till date.

And today, we are going to try a new concept of K-BBQ (Korean Barbeque) – an All-You-Can-Eat K-BBQ Buffet in 60 minutes!

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Home Make Korean Beef BBQ

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Find out how to make your own Korean Beef Barbecue from Home 

You can make a simple beef bbq from home by following this step. See some of the theory and best practices to make your homemade beef bbq


Popular Korean Restaurants in Singapore


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A Milestone of 2500 Fans !

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A BIG Thank You going out to all to Readers, Subscribers and Facebook Fans!
Dear all valued readers, subscribers and Facebook fans,

Today marks an important milestone because we cross over 2,500 Facebook Fans on our Facebook page!!

All this would not be possible without your great support!

We would like to thanks all our subscribers and new fans who join our coummunity, 2014 will be a great year where we will be putting up more popular Korean Food Reviews, Blogger guests posts, promotions, contests and many more!

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korean green onion pancake

Home Made Korean Pan Cake

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How to make Tasty Home-made Korean Pan Cake from your kitchen
This article probably answers many people who would wish to know how to make tasty home-made Korean pan cake from your kitchen. Their exists very simple and basic recipes of making the Korean pan cake.

Below are some of the most popular recipes. The scallion pancake is an energetic snack, a starter, and at times an adjacent dish to Korean meals and can be made in the taste of the chef. If one wishes, chopped red peppers and chopped white onions can be added to the pa ju. Other popular ingredients for the pancake are mushrooms, carrots, zucchinis, and kimchis among others. For persons who intent to use handy batter mostly available in Asian foodstuff shops, it is alright to spent Read more [...]

Korean BBQ Buffet

Korean BBQ Buffet – Delight in Every Bite

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Delicious Korean BBQ Buffet – A Big Delight in Every Bite

Only thing about Korean bbq is that people can’t resist them about having a taste of it. They go to korean bbq buffet in search of the delicious meat to taste its different verities. Whether you like beef, pork, chicken or anything else expert chefs use best of the cooking practices to prepare a delicious dish that can water anybody’s mouth. It is the practice and style of cooking Korean BBQ which makes it special and outstanding dish. This is why rather than enjoying right at the home most of the people just prefer going to a buffet have a taste of korean bbq in Singapore.
Why Korean BBQ is Special?
Tasteful and Healthy
Korean bbq buffet is well known for offering a wide range Read more [...]

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